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Dota 2 Introduces Regional Leagues

March 2, 2020, 4:11 p.m.

Valve recently announced a major change to the format for the Dota Pro Circuit by introducing a new system of regional leagues.

The new system, which starts late 2020 following The International 2020, will consist of 6 regional leagues, divided into 3 different 6-week seasons, and offer $280,000 in prizes per season. Each league will have two divisions (divided into Upper and Lower Divisions) with two teams being relegated at the end of each season. The new structure will allow for 2 teams to move up from the Open Qualifiers, allowing for new teams and players to join over time.

Each season will also conclude with a Major tournament with 18 teams from all regions and a prize pool of $500,000.

The dates for the first three seasons and Major tournaments have already been announced:

Season 1 Fall League: October 5 – November 15
Season 1 Major: December 11 – December 20
Season 2 Winter League: January 4 – February 14
Season 2 Major: March 12 – March 21
Season 3 Spring League: April 12 – May 23
Season 3 Major: June 25 – July 4

For more information and additional details, visit the Dota 2 blog for the official announcement.