How To Play

1. Choose a Game

Right now, supports League of Legends, but we're hard at work adding additional games (like CS:GO, Overwatch, Dota 2, and Rocket League).

To get started, click Play Now in the navigation menu and select League of Legends. This will direct you to the main League of Legends lobby where you can see all available contests for this week.

How to play choose game

How to play join

2. Join a Contest

By default, you will see all available contests on the lobby screen, but you can use the Select League dropdown to narrow your results.

When you find a contest you like, simply click the Join button. When filtering by League, you can also see contests and results from previous weeks.

3. Pick Your Players

Once you've joined a contest, it's time to pick your players. Using the Sort by Team and and Sort by Position options, as well as the sortable Salary header, you can reorganize the list of available players to find the best fit for your team. Clicking on a View Profile link will display additional statistics to help you make the best choice.

Simply click the + next to the players you wish to add, and they’ll be moved to the appropriate slot on your roster. Once your roster is full, click Submit Roster and you're all set.

How to play pick players

How to play watch and win

4. Watch and Win

You can view the live streams of all available matches on our Live page. Soon you'll also be able to keep tabs on the contests you've entered, review your roster selections, see your latest score and position on the leaderboard, and share your success via chat and social.

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League of Legends Formats

PICK FIVE – It's as straightforward as it sounds. In this format, you pick 1 player from each of the 5 positions within the game (Top, Mid, Jungle, Support, and ADC). You’re required to stay under the salary cap and can select players from any team in the league. Want to pick everyone from the same team? Go for it – just stay under the cap. Once your roster is selected, it's time to choose a captain. In this format, the captain's score is doubled, so choose wisely because this is often the difference between winning and losing.

FIVE + FLEX – This format uses the same basic rules as PICK FIVE (one player from each position), however in FIVE + FLEX, you’ll have an extra roster spot (FLEX) for an additional player from any position. With an extra roster spot to fill, you're going to need additional salary, so we’ve raised the cap for this format. FIVE + FLEX uses the captain as well, so pick any of your players (including your FLEX) and we'll double their final score.

ONE BY ONE – To make things a little more challenging, we've introduced the ONE BY ONE format. The basic rules remain the same (select 5 or 6 players, choose a captain, stay under the salary cap), but in this format, you can only select 1 player from each individual team. The ONE BY ONE contests are the most difficult to win, so we recommend using the Research Center to make sure you're picking the best players for a given week.

League of Legends Scoring

A player's FEGG Score is based on their performance and measures the impact they had in a given game. While the other sites treat every position the same and only track five or six data points, we've developed the FEGG Score by using over 25 unique inputs, each one weighted specifically for the five different roles. The result is a robust scoring system that can be used to track and compare player performance, analyze future matchups, and of course create fun and engaging fantasy esports contests.

The FEGG Scoring system was developed by gamers, commentators, and coaches within the League of Legends community, by analyzing thousands of professional games from leagues across the globe. Our goal is to establish the new standard for how the community analyzes and discusses player performance.

If you're curious, our system uses all of the following when calculating FEGG Scores – kills, deaths, assists, length of game, multi-kills, killing sprees, wards placed, wards destroyed, minion kills, first tower, first inhibitor, first blood, damage to heroes, total damage, and gold earned.

How to play scoring system